Richard Bernstein Advisors LLC (RBA) is an investment manager focusing on longer-term investment strategies that combine top-down, macroeconomic analysis and quantitatively-driven portfolio construction. We strive to be the leading provider of innovative investment solutions for investors, and our competitive edge is our research-driven macro style of investing. That research starts with Richard Bernstein, our CEO, who is widely recognized as an expert in style investing and asset allocation. He has over 38 years' experience on Wall Street, including most recently as the Chief Investment Strategist at Merrill Lynch & Co. He is a much-noted expert on equity, style and asset allocation, and was voted to Institutional Investor magazine's annual "All-America Research Team" 18 years, including ten as the top-ranked analyst in his category. Mr. Bernstein's book "Style Investing – Unique Insight into Equity Management" is widely viewed as the seminal book on style-oriented investment strategies.

Our top-down macro approach differentiates our firm from the more common, traditional bottom-up approach of most asset managers. Our extensive array of macro indicators allows us to construct portfolios for clients that are innovative, risk-controlled, and focused on overall portfolio construction instead of individual stock selection.

RBA was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New York City.

We distribute our products through partnerships with some of the world's leading financial institutions, including Eaton Vance, where we sub-advise the Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy Fund and the Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein All Asset Strategy Fund; UBS Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley Wealth Managment and select RIA platforms, where we provide clients with tailored asset-allocation models comprised of ETFs in discretionary wrap programs; and First Trust Portfolios, where we create equity-income and thematic equity-oriented portfolios in a series of unit investment trusts. Additionally, RBA is the index provider for an exchange-traded fund available through First Trust Portfolios: the First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance® ETF. In 2014, RBA began to offer institutional investors direct separate account management for our global equity and all-asset strategies.

We encourage you to contact us directly should you wish to learn more about RBA and our investment solutions.