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At RBA, our disciplined investment approach seeks to identify unique investment opportunities that are often unrecognized or ignored as uncertain investors focus on yesterday’s winners. We generate alpha by uncovering global investment styles and themes where we believe there are disparities between fundamentals and sentiment. This is very different from the traditional, bottom-up approach that seeks to generate alpha through individual security selection.


Our differentiated approach guides all of the products & strategies that we offer:


 ETF SMAs Mutual Funds UITs ETFs Institutional
  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Risk-Balanced Moderate
  • Aggressive
  • All-Asset
  • Equity
  • Core Plus Total Return
  • Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy Fund
  • Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein All-Asset Strategy Fund
  • Global Dividend Kings®
  • American Industrial Renaissance®
  • Quality Income Portfolio 
  • First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance®
  • First Trust Strategic Income
  • Global Equity
  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation



Where We're Available 


RBA offers several asset allocation ETF-driven separately managed account portfolios.  Each strategy is tailored to meet your clients’ risk tolerance—whether they’re risk averse (conservative strategy) or risk-taking investors (aggressive strategy).  You can find our ETF SMA strategies through select broker-dealers and RIA platforms. 



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Mutual Funds

RBA sub-advises two mutual funds for Eaton Vance: 


   Fund    Ticker    Objective
  Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein Equity Strategy Fund   ERBAX, ERBIX, ERBCX   A broadly diversified global equity allocation strategy that will go anywhere, but won't be everywhere
  Eaton Vance Richard Bernstein All Asset Strategy Fund   EARAX, EIRAX, ECRAX   A broadly diversified global asset allocation strategy that employs a flexible investment approach


Unit Investment Trusts & ETFs

RBA offers three UITs and two ETFs through First Trust: 

   Investment Strategy    Ticker    Objective
  Richard Bernstein Advisors Quality Income Portfolio Unit Investment Trust     Seeks total return through a combination of dividend income capital appreciation using a comprehensive Quality Income strategy
  Richard Bernstein Advisors Global Dividend Kings® Unit Investment Trust      Seeks total return through a combination of dividend income and capital appreciation  
  Richard Bernstein American Industrial Renaissance® Unit Investment Trust      Seeks above-average capital appreciation by investing in small and mid-cap US companies in the industrial and community banking sectors 
  First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance® ETF*   AIRR   Seeks investment results that correspond to the price and yield of an index called Richard Bernstein Advisors American Industrial Renaissance® Index
  First Trust Strategic Income ETF**   FDIV   Seeks risk-adjusted income

*First Trust licenses the RBA American Industrial Renaissance® Index. 

**RBA acts as sub-advisor for the dividend paying equity portion only. 




RBA offers two thematic indexes and one diversified, multi-asset index: 


   Investment Strategy    Ticker    Objective
  RBA American Industrial Renaissance® Index   RBAAIRR

The RBA American Industrial Renaissance® Index (“the Index”) intends to capture what is, in our view, a secular investment theme pertaining to companies in the U.S. small and mid-cap industrial and community banking sectors.

  RBA Quality Income® Index   RBAQI

The RBA Quality Income Index® (“the Index”) seeks to capture companies which provide an attractive level of income while controlling the risks associated with investing in higher-yielding dividend stocks.

  RBA G5 Index    RBAEG5

The RBA G5 Index (the “Index”) is a diversified multi-asset index that seeks to provide
exposure to US asset classes in a risk-controlled manner with a goal of limiting its daily annualized volatility to 5%.



RBA has two global, macro-driven investment strategies for institutional investors, Global Equity and Global Tactical Asset Allocation, both of which offer liquidity and low fees.  We consider our investment process to be a combination of art and science and offer investors full transparency into all aspects of portfolio construction.  We provide solutions for a variety of investors, including endowments, foundations, pension plans, high net worth individuals, and many others. 


For more information on our Institutional offerings, please visit our Institutional page.  



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