Why RBA?

We are a Top-Down macro asset manager that is uniquely not event-driven. Rather, we are a long-only investor with extensive experience in managing Global Equity and GTAA portfolios through our broad set of global indicators built over 30+ years. Our seasoned 8-member Investment Committee led by CEO/CIO Rich Bernstein and Deputy CIO Dan Suzuki evaluates markets based solely on fundamentals like corporate profits, liquidity and investor sentiment/valuation.

Our Suite of Global Equity and GTAA strategies have experienced persistent outperformance both vs their respective benchmarks as well as our peers and are liquid, low fee and transparent for our clients.

Our Philosophy

At RBA, our disciplined investment approach seeks to identify unique investment opportunities that are often unrecognized or ignored as uncertain investors focus on yesterday’s winners. We generate alpha by uncovering global investment styles and themes where we believe there are disparities between fundamentals and sentiment. This is very different from the traditional, bottom-up approach that seeks to generate alpha through individual security selection. The origins of our investment philosophy date back to the seminal research we conducted on style investing more than twenty years ago. Our expertise lies in combining our proprietary, macroeconomic research with quantitative analysis to determine cyclical and secular investment themes, aiming to provide superior, risk-adjusted returns. Analysis of global profit cycles is a core component of our strategies. Examples of market segments we may favor at various points in the cycle are illustrated below.

 Profit Cycle Chart


Our Process
Our portfolios are constructed by uniquely combining a top-down global macro research process with a bottom-up, quantitatively driven security selection methodology. We consider our investment process to be a combination of art and science and offer investors full transparency into all aspects of portfolio construction.


Investors we Serve

 Investors we serve


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For more information, contact us at (212) 692-4071 or email us at institutional@rbadvisors.com.