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Read our latest insight to learn why we are willing to invest outside the US and where we see the growing investment opportunities despite other investors’ caution.

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RBA's Unique Investing Approach

RBA’s disciplined top-down investment approach seeks to identify investment opportunities that are often unrecognized or ignored as investors tend to focus too much on yesterday’s winners.

Top–Down Approach

We conduct top-down, macroeconomic research utilizing an extensive array of indicators to assess corporate profits, liquidity, and investor sentiment/valuation. We believe the markets are driven by profit cycles, not economic cycles.

Pactive® Investing

Pactive® investing is the active management of passive investments to drive alpha from size, style, region, sector, and other factors. RBA “X-rays” ETFs, looking at the underlying holdings of each ETF, resulting in a deeper assessment of macro exposures.

Global, Go-Anywhere Portfolios

Our portfolios are global, "go-anywhere" - we can go anywhere, but don't have to be everywhere. Our strategies emphasize and de-emphasize global market segments at different times, and will avoid assets that are unfavorable.

How to Invest with RBA

Financial Advisors

RBA offers a range of actively managed, tactically driven products available at most wirehouses, TAMPS and RIA platforms.


RBA has a suite of strategies providing solutions for complex investment challenges for Institutional Investors.


Individuals can invest in RBA’s strategies by working with their Financial Advisor or investing in our mutual funds.



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Why are we willing to invest outside the #US? Read our latest insight to learn where we see the growing #investment opportunities despite other investors’ caution.

Before one declares victory on commodity #inflation note that both #energy and industrial #commodities are up 10% in the past month.

#Butter prices are up 25%! Where are the Cardiologists?? Could statins be fueling demand? [OK, it’s a 60-something tweet. I get it] (Chart: @WSJ)